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Monkey in the Middle Divorce Series

Divorce itself does not mean the end of the relationship with your spouse when you have children together. Your marital partnership may come to end but your relationship evolves into one of co-parents. One can view the death of a marriage as the birth of an entire new life as co-parents. Just as the marriage itself had its own dynamics and traits so does this new relationship. In fact, the life span of the co-parent relationship has its own developmental stages, many which can be grouped into the most common crises that family’s of divorce experience within own their family.


Monkey in the Middle Divorce Series® compilies each of these “developmental crises” of divorced families into 12 stories that are funny, edgy and innovative. Each children’s story is based on the 12 Kidz’ Rightz®. Three of the books are published, while the other 9 are coming soon. We recommend you sign up for our blog in order to keep up to date with all the latest news & views. 


The authors has over 25 years of experience in working with children of divorced families. Over the years, common themes have emerged with families going through the transition of separation. Many families experience several of these issues, some only a few but every specific issue that brings these families into counseling can be illustrated somewhere in the Kidz’ Rightz©


Parents who have and are going through a divorce often experience the intense need to get as much information possible on how to help their child and themselves. As parents go through the through divorce and post divorce process they can often feel overwhelmed by all of the material available, while our books break the subject matter down into one at a time for a more user-friendly approach. 


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