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Critical Incidents & Disaster in the Workplace

Jontie Hays works as a consultant with R3continuum, an International company that helps individuals and organizations return to work, life and productivity following critical incidents.
Jontie also provides Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for several of the EAP ( Employee Assistance Programs) she has contracts with.

Critical Incident Response

             One to One: Individuals develop personal return-to-work and life strategies within a confidential setting.

             Small Groups: Employees with similar experiences renew the bonds of community, normalize reactions, and are equipped with a recovery plan.

              Large Groups: Specialists help leaders communicate across the organization with topics like stress management techniques & how to communicate with your children      

              Managers: Managers learn to recognize typical reactions to crisis and behavioral warning signs, and to develop strategies that facilitate recovery.

               Families: Specialists meet with families to strengthen this support group.

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

 Aftermath of aviation accidents

Natural disasters

Large-scale emergencies at clients' locations

Incidents at sports and entertainment venues or instances of mass violence or terrorism.